55+ Unique Modern Living Room Ideas for Your Home

Discover the most inspirational Modern Livingroom that can turn any layout big or small into a cozy relaxing area. The easiest way to designing interior any part of the house is by applying modern touch and make the room clean and sophisticated with the right choices set of furniture.

Inspiring Modern Livingroom Combine with Other Interior Style

A unique modern livingroom appearance is combining different interior style accordance to the homeowner taste as well as the house structure, create an appealing mixture that can actually be satisfying. Here are some of Modern Living room ideas combined with another way of styling.

High Ceiling Modern Livingroom

Clear wide glass window can also become a partition wall that makes the house bigger than the actual size. The high ceiling is a common type of modern house. The monochrome tone from black to white gives a clean modest appearance.

Mid Century Modern Livingroom

Another high ceiling living room that takes the spacious area in the air to hang very enormous hanging lamps. It definitely gives more volume to the empty ceiling. Mid Century interior focus on sleek looking furniture that stays timeless yet very sophisticated. It combines natural elements such as marble wall and flooring with a huge panel of wall slab and floor tiles.

Pattern Comfortable Living Room

These Modern Living Room Ideas come from making a cozy place to hang out. The numerous pillow and extended sofa highlight the friendly ambiance of this living room. Some pillow comes with a simple pattern of lines or zig-zag that give the room more texture to enjoy.

Lines Application

This living room is a great example of a structure that modern living room left open and exposed. The white wooden slab you can see decorate the floor and the wall.

Neutral Relaxing Areas

To establish a comfortable area can make use of living room area into a full white all around. It does not have to makes enlarging illusion or a wider background. It looks amazingly neat and sophisticated that if you do not have a particular color, to begin with, the white tone is always a reliable source of color.

Rustic Modern Livingroom

Exposed wall with unfinished texture can make extra decorative to Moden Living Room Ideas. The unique rustic table out of wooden slab put together bring raw material into one of a kind decor element.

Home Library

An empty wall can take a few cupboards and stack up all your precious books. It can be a great place to display your hobby and interest as well as decorative items to fill the room.

Long And Spacious Living Room

A wide layout is an interior designer dream to work with. There is so much freedom to translate the huge open area into a fascinating area to hang out and talk to your family or friends. That is why along living room can have more that one sofa and really enjoy their extra space.

Warm Livingroom Area

The family room can also become a living room, all you need are a spacious area to make things more relaxing. A hint or orange sofa and the decorative candles can make you feel extremely at ease at home.

Romantic Appealing Room

Subtle white, beige or pink are some of the romantic walls that appeal not just woman. The carefully thought of ceiling platform gives texture to the all subtle tone. A delicate shabby chic decor brings vintage romance to the room.

Decorative Living Room

Home is where you can feel at home. So, make yourself comfortable and give a hint of romance that highlight decor from the element. Various painting suddenly struck in and makes it even impossible giving a great room without beautify without anything over the top.

Living Room By the Countryside

All wooden material is always compatible with any kind of furnishing. The large fireplace is a sign of countryside that hard to avoid. Recycling used barrels into a rustic end table is a clever way of decorating and protecting the environment at the same time.

Exposed Living Room

Sliding glass door and wall size window is all it takes to make this living room seems like a terrace area. The overall exposed internal decoration give many light and air to go right as it flows.

Modern Barnyard Livingroom

The typical barnyard structure with triangular sharp roofing is a great layout that allows rich air and light to circulate. By keeping things white and one side full of glass window in different size gives a homey feel to the living room.

Retro Modern Living Room

Go back in time and adapt soft mild retro interior design over the modern living room. The tone does not have to be bright and strong, series of pastel can do just the trick. Layers of a pattern of geometrical, lines or random shapes are the signature trademark of a retro meet modern home.

Functional Space

The enormous layout function as a living room with a kitchen nearby. The room right in the heart of the house has a clear view of the entire rooms and walk-in designs.

Room With Rich Lighting

Natural light can easily find its way to this living room by using its grand size window. The multiple lighting or ceiling beam, downlight lamp, and several decorative lamp items, make these Modern Livingroom ideas stand out with twinkling of lights day and night.

Green Nature

The placement of tree branches in large bottles on the four corners of the living room brings nature right in the middle of the area. The rest of the furniture has a hint of wooden structure that gives continuity to the natural theme of the room.

Geometrical Touch

The glass table in the middle of the Modern living Room Ideas that take geometrical shape into the room and give a pop of pattern to all plain background. The Cylindric doff lamp stand creates a warm but still align with the geometrical shape.

Classical Modern Living Room

Yes, you can have an antique chandelier in the middle of sharp and sturdy furniture of the modern living room. There are some modern elements that blend nicely with the genuine classic interior in this classic meet modernity.

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