25+ Minimalist Small Bathroom Ideas Feel the Big Space!

A bathroom is one of the most important place in our house where we can find comfort and serenity. It is a room for personal hygiene, generally containing a bathtub or a shower, and possibly also a bidet. While many of us want a large bathroom, some of us have to make do with small bathrooms that are usually seen in most apartments. At this time you need some great small bathroom ideas for upcoming project.

To optimise the space in your tiny bathroom, you can place skylights or get larger windows in the bathroom to use sunlight to create an open space. Here are some examples of the best bathroom ideas for you to use as a reference

Visual Wall In Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom looks appealing with all neutral background of white and light gray that mimic the natural stone.

A wall filled with captivating limestone tiles piles up together creating a visual focus of the room against the white bathtub. The arch cealing accent create volume and more intense focus to that particular area.

Long Design For Small Bathroom Ideas

Along bathroom gives a great hideaway for the shower place behind the solid wall. Everything in the bathroom has a rectangular shape, from the wall tiles, flooring and even the sink. It creates a steady and firm minimalist feature that is both modern and sophisticated.

Up On The Wall Small Bathroom Ideas

If your bathroom is tiny, then think about decorating the wall horizontally and make the illusion that the ceiling is higher than reality. Therefore, you have amazing wall decor yet functional at the same time. The pattern tile that decorates all the way to reach the ceiling also support the highten illusion.

Downlight Beam In The Bathroom

Another great Idea for a small bathroom is to install a downward beam and make the room taller and spacious. Having several downward beams can also manage the number of light that goes into the bathroom.

Stone And Wood Design

Ideas for Small bathroom can also be inspired by spa retreat which dominated by the wooden panel and stone decoration. Both give a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with just a simple texture addition. The green plants and fragrance flower is a nice touch for a welcoming bathroom.

Bring Nature In The Small Bathroom

Making small bathroom comfy to use is by adding vertical decoration and make the ceiling higher. The green leaves wall with white marbles brings the outside plants inside the room and gives a natural touch.

The marble flooring, granite wall with multiple textures create the feels of bathing in the great outdoors. This design really great for anyone who live in the city and in the need of nature relaxation.

Size Fits All Purpose Bathroom

No need to sacrifice any parts of the bathroom, even if you only have small space. Have everything in the right size and use all neutral tone and mirror partition and makes everything just right on its place.

Industrial Small Bathroom Ideas

The trend of industrial interior design can also be incorporated into the small bathroom. You can have exposed wires and uniques pipes as storage and make a one of a kind bathroom. You can have a very stunning lamp with wired decors and a hanging light bulb. The interesting lightning become the prime accent that win the room over.

Personal Touch

Monochrome is a combination of black and white color which is simple and timeless. Having this color palette in the small bathroom bring luxury without overly decorating the area. The elegant touch is the black velvet curtain which brings extra privacy and looks expensive at the same time.

Decorative Wall

Taking another direction instead of leaving the small bathroom plain, you can go wild and have numerous wall mirror around the bathroom. The rustic frames give a timeless vibe while the mirror should be able to bounce the light that comes from the window to other frames and create a vivid amazing look. This is an interesting idea that makes the bathroom an interesting part of the house.

Modern Romantic

Modern furniture are dominated with easy to clean surface, shiny items from doff material. The straight clean cut and simple structure imply modernity that in easy to establish, especially in a small room.

Storage Wall

For extra storage, you can have additional leveled wall to hold all the toiletries and bathroom essentials. This is a nice addition which makes use of the wall and extra space. A touch of wooden pops in your eyes because the white tone looks immerse and harmony from the furniture all the way to the wall

Touch Of Retro

Mix and match is not something related to fashion only. It also can apply in interior design. Therefore, you can have one retro wall with colorful shapes and color and tone thing down with calmer color and patterns. Even a simple black and white rectangule wall is retro enough to makes the bathroom apealing.

Plain Meet Texture In The Bathroom

The tiled wall from the bathtub all the way to the wall create an interesting pattern but not overwhelming. A small bathroom can have pattern and texture that meet plain background and makes it easy in the eyes and comfortable.

Wooden Texture

Semi Outdoor Small Bathroom Ideas

The outdoor bathroom is totally doable as long it follows all the right features. Always make sure the bathroom safety above everything else and makes locals and tourist feels welcome and cherish.

Natural stones, plant, wooden furniture, bamboo curtains and small opening in the ceiling makes this small bathroom ideas luxurious and fresh.

Smart Partition For Bathroom

Partition is a great way to give a small bathroom space a divider. Moreover, a glass partition does not make the room cramped but makes it clear and spacious even in a small area. The horizontal curtain keeps a consistent shape of a rectangle with a minimum of shape.

Cubical Shower

Having a shower can be daunting, especially in a the small bathroom with less space. A cubical made out of the tempered glass with certain thickness can avoid the water from making the floor wet and slippery. The clear partition is a great material for a small bathroom ideas.

Warmth Scheme For Small Bathroom Ideas

Collection of warm color such as orange, yellow, and brown give an appealing look to a small bathroom. The idea behind it is to create a place to cleanse and to relax at the same time. Simplicity and modern look can bring elegance but there is no other comforting feeling that stepping into a warm environment.

Classic Dark Small Bathroom Ideas

Black background even if it is not a common choice for bathroom let alone a small one. It does give a staggering visual that makes it amazing and interesting at the same time.

As a contrast, have all the toilet in white or bright color to stands out more. Both colour compliments each other and bring a simple energized tone.

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